Moto-Scooter -Taxi (CTT) Portugal, Shanghai, China

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Motorcycle Scooter 3 Electric wheels

(CTT Correios de Portugal, is the national postal operator in Portugal.)


Mototaxi, version Nippon Plus

Moto Taxi 3 wheel electric cars across China that is gaining popularity !

Vehicle Description :

use for: passenger
Drive Type: electric
Power: 501 – 800W, 500w
Tension: 48V // Type of body: Open
Mark: Mainbon // Place of origin: Hebei, Shanghai,China (continental)
Model Number: TEB-71 size: 2100 * 1200 * 1500 mm
Color: rouge, vert, bleu, yellow, rose
Drums: 48V20Ah // Top speed: 35 km / h

Bubble-bike: US 750 $ electric three-wheeled.

Boutique: ALIBABA

Bubble Bike is electric, which means it is charging from a power point for a negligible cost and grunting waves to reach its top speed of 45 km / h. Now, we understand that this is not so fast by the standards of big cities with lots of space we are used, but it is very fast for urban traffic in heavily congested streets of Chinese megacities.

The Bubble Bike has a range of 100 km and takes between six and eight hours to be charged from a standard household outlet in its current configuration. Manufacturers are trying alternatives that reduce battery charging time to three hours and increase the range of the vehicle 200 km.

The Bubble Bike might look like the love child of a scooter and a Messerschmitt Kabinenroller, but it is a clever response to the needs of north China and some of the Asian countries of the north where temperatures fall well below zero in winter and the roads are getting a liberal coating of the snow and ice, making them not as suitable for scooters and motorbikes they are in summer. The recipient of a Red Star Design Award 2009 (equivalent in China red dot), Bubble Bike with three wheels sells in China 5000 RMB (about 730 $ US).

Urban Passenger Bubble Bubble Bills 750 $ recharge from a home feedpoint.

The car Meguru Bamboo is traditional and futuristic

By Ryan Hinkson: Ryan Hinkson – 25 May 2010
References: ubergizmo & gizmodoMeguruTraditional Japanese Electric Vehicle

The Meguru bamboo car is the perfect marriage between the future and the past. The electric pocket eco-curtain looks like a rickshaw from the year 2020.

It was developed by Yodogawa Group and Kinki Knives Industries Corporation and will be marketed to residents of Kyoto and Nara because of their more traditional values. The Meguru car requires about bambo 2 hour charge and will be sold for about 10 000 $. Rickshaw driver not included or required.

Motors C-1 : the first two-wheeled self-balancing

Motors C-1 bed is a self-stabilizing, all-electric two-wheelers who marries the comfort of a car with the performance and efficiency of a motorcycle.

Lit Motors C-1 is a self-stabilizing, all-electric two-wheelers who marries the comfort of a car with the performance and efficiency of a motorcycle.

folding moped and motorcycle EV can not fall
(thanks to the gyroscopic stability)

The Perallas Monotracer Test Rohit Jaggi drives a new race of motorcycle, E le MonoTracer, an all-electric cabin motorcycle is the petrol version of the E-Tracer on battery (now called E MonoTracer), winner of the prestigious Progressive Automotive X-Prize in Alternative Alternative Class-Tandem. Although MonoTracer burns fuel, he slapped at a pace that allows the elegant two wheels back 60 at 70 miles per gallon, for only 75 000 $, a MonoTracer could be parked in your garage. At the end of last year, Director General Peraves, Roger Riedener, Callie Calimlim presented at MonoTracer radical style and frugal fuel at Opportunity Green 2010 held in Los Angeles Center Studios.

The E-Tracer, the all-electric X-winner of the "cabin motorcycle" that average 205,3 miles per gallon equivalent and can reach a top speed 200 mph. The vehicle "less 100 000 $ "Enters production in 2011.

SAM – three wheels (electric)

Featuring’ a steel chassis and body of fully recyclable polyethylene, SAM is accessed via a folding door gullwing. About 300 cars 2 rear-seats have been manufactured to date.

It has’ a lithium-polymer battery pack can be fully charged from’ a standard electrical outlet within five hours. Depending on the operating conditions and the ambient temperature, this charge should be would be good for a range of 80 at 100 km (50 at 62 miles). Its maximum speed is 90 km / h (56 mph).

City Car

Production info

(2004 – 2009) Armec Mechanik AG, Emmenbrücke – Switzerland




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