Dominic Wilcox Britannique – ZZZ Atypical Car

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British designer Dominic Wilcox

An atypical autonomous car dedicated entirely to sleep

British designer Dominic Wilcox has created this model of driverless cars by imagining a future where all the cars are controlled by computers.

Named "stained glass windows without lead-free" and was represented at the London Design Festival 2014. "In the future, it will be safer to drive in a car without a driver in a manual car ", said Wilcox. “Therefore, we do not have integrated protection systems in modern cars. We can just have a shell of any design. ”

Dominic Wilcox

The room Wilcox for the exhibition is based on the idea that, in a future fully automated and computer controlled vehicles, collisions of traffic will be a thing of the past. a futuristic concept in the skills of the rack removal bedding. Sleeping car is the only thing you need to do to sleep in the design, both classified Misali handmade colorful rainbow hand in a glass car.

Conceptual Plan
It is manufactured on a CNC machine, which cuts several arches which stop together to form the structure”, explains Wilcox. “It's like how they used planes”. Once the shell is complete, Wilcox take him to Middlesex University to attach to the frame and wheels, that ten inches in diameter, like those of the original MINI.

structure and concept map
The concept of technology in a frame basis to build any shell on top with the chosen interior

Its design was inspired by the Durham Cathedral in the United Kingdom.
Sketch early with a quick drawing.

Wilcox enlisted the help of Middlesex University product design department to make the wooden frame that supports the glass.

This meticulous process the car manufacturing was not completely planned, this Wilcox, and he had to improvise and adapt throughout.
I drew the shape of the car and I put it on a computer !

The shell of the car Wilcox is manufactured by welding pieces of cut glass on a wooden frame.

“We use the technique of "copper film",
“This is a very meticulous process and there is a lot of improvisation”.

As an example of the type of vehicles that we could travel in a day, Wilcox built a car with a window inside to bed, people can relax as they are transported wherever they need to go. The glass car takes a sleeping passengers home.

Good night and sweet dreams Mr. Wilcox.

The glass empty car without glass panes traveling to collect passenger who called.

Glassmaking assisted by Massimo Cappella.

Dominic was inspired by Durham Cathedral, they asked to show the car in the grounds of the cathedral in August 2015.



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