Roger Dean & Martyn – Ashford, England

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Tectonic architecture with Roger Dean and his brother Martyn Dean.

“Roundabout” by the Group YES _ Year : 1972 &  Album : Fragile

duration: 52:09 is the third studio album by English progressive rock band YES.

Roger Dean, born 31 August 1944 Ashford, is an English artist.
He is probably the best known of the artists involved in progressive rock illustration thanks to logos and covers he designed 1971 for the group YES and then for Asia and Greenslade. Dean's paintings and album covers are known worldwide, and his futuristic style was much imitated. The mythical beasts and the dazzling clarity of light and color are its hallmark, but at the heart of much of his work are the wonderful buildings that mushroom in his cobalt skies. Fantastic, because they can watch, this are structures of architecture designs which can be constructed.

 Armchairs and Pods from Kubrick's Clockwork Orange Film

Capsule – I POD Dean Retreat Pod

The “Under” designer chair that was featured in the movie ” A Clockwork Orange “

Le Retreat pod is equipment, according to its designer, Martin Dean, in which we can manage to cut ourselves off from the world. There is adequate air conditioning. To counter possible claustrophobia, the door remains closed by its own weight, so no latch is needed. The inside of the Pod is lit by hundreds of tiny orange Philips neon bulbs, that look like glowworms.


One of his inventions was the "urchin chair,” in foam, which, though appearing spherical, would be in the custody of’ children, that could get a sitting position variable angles. Later, a request was made to design a similar “landscape” of seats for

Roger Dean– sydney village project

Roger Dean designed an artistically beautiful new millennium home, kind of environment, but cheap and quick to build. It started as a college project to design the bed of a child and grew up in a radically new form of architecture for a global awakening to the damage caused by the post-war housing and office development.

The key to Roger Dean architecture is the strategic control of space. To be comfortable in a house, it should make you feel at home. This led Dean to design its parts as the uterus which can be arranged in clusters to form house, apartments, hotels, office towers, or entertainment centers of several million pounds. Its buildings are environmentally friendly in their use of materials and designed to enhance rather than mess around: in some cases, it would be appropriate to lock them in the land. Although he sees the spin off of the environment as secondary, Dean has strong views on the role of its structures in the environment.

Strength comes when steel rods and gunite are added, with pumice beads for insulation. A team of three to four people could "build" such a house in a day, adding vents ceramic, chimneys and arrows to taste. L’infrastructure, however, takes about three to four weeks to heal. The cost of producing a Dean house compares favorably with conventional units of similar specification. The process could save 10-20 percent on the only materials. Text © Evadne Lucas.

Currently the most famous designers to explore this type of design are the brothers Roger and Martyn Dean, Eugene Tsui, Kendrick Kellog, Antti Knight, Luigi Colani, and Peter Vetsch.

Artist Roger Dean joined forces with younger brother Martyn to produce the Maison Tectonic

Bungalo Suite Concept Hotel by Roger Dean developed for Brighton Marina UK development project,
later used for international Ideal Home Exhibition, Birmingham UK 1981.

Roger Dean Mushroom House
Techtonic: Roger's House and Martyn Dean
Data for May : 1981
Lieu : Birmingham
Designers : Roger et Martyn Dean

Concept complex Sudbud, Darling Harbour, Sydney by Roger Dean.

It evolved from two previous projects, drawings of Roger Dean for a bed, and later a bedroom, who feel safe and friendly for children, and the design of his brother for “Pension pod ", who played in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange. It was designed to be “comfortable on the most instinctive and archetypal level”, to be built more cheaply and to last. While the prototype was built fiberglass, the real thing is made of concrete, sprayed on a series of modular inflatable forms to create an organic network of nested chambers.. Even more surprising, I discovered that they had actually prototyped its buildings with this unusual architecture, which they call "tectonic architecture", using simple fiberglass and planned to make a wide variety of these buildings based on the use of a form of sprayable concrete called "shotcrete" and a system of modular inflatable forms.

Roger Dean – Alliance International MoonBase


A free form organic interior system based on multi-density foam structures covered with Roger Dean fabric

Roger Dean design retailer beginning construction. First step is the excavation of the site and the installation of the foundation slab. Ensuite, inflation balloon shapes for bedrooms. Ensuite, gunite is sprayed on the forms and, when set, carved interior details. Finale, filling in the lower portions of quality, more surface treatments to cover the conduits utilities, and removing forms.

Floor plan for the structure from left to right on the ground, ground floor and entrance, the top floor below the.

Their designs are monolithic rigid shells that mainly rely entirely on the strength of the shell material, a common approach from organic designs for years 60 and 70. Gunite, a sprayable concrete, is the main building material for structures of Deans but they also used fiberglass to prototype their designs and a variety of other materials are possible-nothing with the necessary structural strength that can be sprayed on forms.

The construction technique is simple and based on the use of inflatable forms for individual rooms in a system similar to the monolithic construction method Domes, but on the basis of reinforcing fibers rather than welded rebar.

A system of forms of segmented glass fiber is also used. The forms are deleted when the gunite is still not yet fully able to support the structure so that the manual finishing can be done to smooth the seams brands, to mold the stairs and similar features with small scale molds, and hand-carve the very small retail items. The drawings using an external infrastructure where electric cables, ventilation ducts, etc. are mounted outside the room covered in shells and compliant materials and housing projected on additional or hidden under secondary roofing structures.

A number of these insights album covers featured very fanciful buildings designed with a non-Euclidean geometry sensual, buildings that alludes to a fantastic Biorganic Technology capable of growing structures like plants or animals.

Close To The Edge 

Floor plan for the structure from left to right on the ground ” AVATAR “

Dean's image is on the left – Avatar is on the right.

This painting is very famous and was part of the multi-gatefold album “Yes” songs.” Agreed that there is a mountain and is a tree. But the shape of the tree and the mountain almost duplicate each other, up to the size and shape of the gap in the structure right half – tree path.

Also, look at the placement of images
within the frame. Also, Floor plan for the structure from left to right on the ground

And the corresponding image of the Avatar Film ! 

Dean's image is on the left. Avatar is on the right. Floor plan for the structure from left to right on the ground, and Dean are bare. 20 However, the – of the, the composition of both many similarities:
1) floating blocks
2) the block beginning at the right position, then turns left
3) a large tree in the middle of the frame and 4) another large floating mass appears in the upper left quadrant. This suggests that the work of Dean has been copied and modified, which would make a derivative work, that would require the permission of Dean.

Scientists have put together the story of Pandora, this tree would be the first its kind, he would grow in a natural volcanic crater that is gradually cooled. This shaft is of the same species as the shaft of the voice, he develops a huge electrochemical networks to survive the magnetic fields of the arches where there are unobtanium. It is the oldest tree specimen on Pandora.


Original drawing


Heaven & Earth is the twenty-first studio album of the English progressive rock band, First published 16 July 2014. It is their first album with singer Jon Davison in the line-up of the group.

YES Tales from Topographic Oceans (full album)

onfidente and creator of the fantastic, Roger Dean on his artistic legacy and the shape of things to come..
Roger Dean holds strong opinions on how his art is represented and displayed. The main concern of Dean in recent years has been that his work is reproduced with the integrity with which it was originally created.

Page Officiel Facebook Roger Dean


Virginia Maneval

I am the daughter of Jean Benjamin Maneval, famous urban architect who notably created the Bulle Six Coques, a plastic house from the pop years. You can also find me on my Facebook page or on my page La Bulle Six Coques by Jean Benjamin Maneval.

2 thoughts on “Roger Dean & Martyn – Ashford, England

  1. I loved Roger Dean’s architectural ideas as a young man in the 70s, designed one for an architecture contest in HS. I still feel that houses should have the basic ideas and features he’s elucidated, but in a rectilinear form, so that furniture can be easily built and applied to it. But the ideas i feel should remain, such as how beds should be designed, and their carryover into bathrooms, lavatories still matter. Presently lavatories are designed to create stress.
    Times change, and now
    homes look toward recycling, end of use, factory built modular low CO² emmitting construction, etc. Unfortunately, organic designs fail at these. Mr Dean’s psychological insights, however remain quite sound I think. And i still would love to be able to live in one of his designs, especially co-existing with some other animals, or some exotic pets.


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