Underwater Explorations Bathyscaphes

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AT 10 900 meters deep, exploring the Mariana Trench is the oceanic equivalent of climbing Everest or landing on the moon. And Cameron gets him locked in a pilot's room 109 cm diameter.

Alfred Mar (PROD 1967) and George Jergenson next to his autonomous submarine “Aqua lung”.

MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible could be the perfect solution. As indicated by his name, it is a partially submersible boat that offers both underwater and underwater viewing options. Although this alone is a major selling point for this unique vessel, MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible doesn't stop there; it is also an amphibious vehicle.

it simply drives out of the trailer and into the water with a pair of sturdy rubber tracks rotating at 360 degrees. On earth, it is powered by electric motors with intercooler of 48 V, which allows him to tackle up to 30 degrees of slope for entering and leaving a body of water, be it coastal lines or boat ramps. The MSV Explorer Amphibious Semi-Submersible is powered by two banks of lithium batteries of 25 V that allow it 110 operating hours on water, or until 8 land cruise hours.

Very cool submarine images taken by the dive team sfdj.com

diver  autonomous

Brief plans swimmers diving into a pool; a girl at a lake puts on an old, heavy diving helmet; shot in – Boat watch people in the diving helmets walking along’ a bed of the lake or river; a man in a diving helmet and suit drops in water. Several animated diagrams shows the history of diving suits, helmets and respirators and how they work.
Who are the men on the seabed and Bathysphere of up to an even greater depth. More diagrams show the invention of Dr. Strathosphere Pickard – A kind of floating ball which can reach depths of over 5 miles.



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