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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the primary airport serving international cargo Southern California – 16e world's largest economy. LAX ranks 14th in the world and fifth in the US in tonnage handled airfreight. In 2012, LAX handled over 1,96 million tons of goods worth nearly 87 billion $.


Flights as it was in years 60.

This is the construction of the strange Theme Building
at Los Angeles Airport in 1961.



The Theme Building is located at 209 World Way, to the Angels, in California.

Its characteristic shape, reminiscent of a flying saucer on the ground, in fact the symbol of the international airport of Los Angeles. Its construction was completed in August 1961, for an amount of 2,2 millions of dollars. It is designed by architects Paul R. Williams, Pereira & Luckman, et Robert Herrick Carter, in the Jet Age terminal development project of LAX, which amounts to about him 50 millions of dollars. With its parabolic arches 40 meters high, its futuristic style reflects the era of space exploration that opens at the time the United States and relates to the Jet Age architectural movement in vogue in Southern California. Its primary function is to serve as a viewing platform, offering a panoramic 360 ° view on the airport. It should be noted however that the structure is fixed, it is not rotatable. But the Theme Building also hosts since January 1997 a restaurant, l’Encounter, and a bar, Genesis, designed by the company Walt Disney Imagineering. It is surrounded by lush gardens and courtyard, commemorating the opening of the terminal and paying tribute to the first employee of the airport 1928, un certain Henry Bakes.


The international airport of LAX Los Angeles Terminal 2

Paul R. Williams was one of the most famous 20th-century African-American architects. At the beginning of his career, Williams designed primarily houses, but in the years 1950 and 1960, he designed some of the most distinctive public buildings in Los Angeles. The most famous building is probably the Williams theme building at Los Angeles International Airport, who conceived with William Pereira.

Los Angeles International Airport, 1964 © Garry Winogrand

Julius Shulman is an American photographer born in 1936 who for years photographed the houses and buildings created..


The distinctive white building resembles a flying saucer that landed on all fours. It was designed by a team of architects and engineers led by William Pereira and Charles Luckman, which also included Paul Williams and Welton Becket. The initial design of the building was created by James Langenheim, Pereira & Luckman.

The Theme Building is a monument of iconic structure at Los Angeles International Airport within the Westchester neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles. It opened in 1961, and is an example of modern design school influenced Mid-Century known “Googie” or “Populuxe.”

The appearance of the building as a single homogeneous structure is an illusion cleverly constructed. Building two crossed arches consist actually four feet of reinforced concrete which extend approximately 15 feet above the ground, and a hollow, steel mesh covered with stucco constituting other lower arches and whole upper arches. To avoid changing the appearance of the structure with a clear strengthening, the theme of the building was equipped with a tuned mass damper to counter the earthquake movements.

This has got to be the Encounter Restaurant, poster 1997 Disney Imagineering remodeling.

Lava Lamps original designs of Disney,change of light sweet ceiling plan, Atomic rock chairs !

original color drawings..

Eddie Sotto Disney Imagineering drawing the red piece in Encounter

The original design of the airport created by Pereira & Luckman in 1959 had all the terminal buildings and parking structures connected to a huge glass dome, which serve as a hub for road traffic. The plan was eventually scaled down considerably, and the terminals were built elsewhere on the property. The thematic building was then built to mark the space provided for the domed structure, as a reminder of the original plan. Firstly, the restaurant on top turned slowly, giving visitors a culinary experience 360 degrees. However, it is now stationary.

The Los Angeles City Council designated the historic-cultural monument building (no. 570) in 1993. A 4 M $ renovation, with retro-futuristic interior lighting and electrical designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, was completed before the restaurant opened there in meeting 1997 . visitors are able to take an elevator up to the observation level "Theme Building”, located on the roof of the restaurant meeting. It has a view to 360 degrees on arriving and departing planes. After the attacks of 11 September, the level of compliance was closed for security reasons. Following a restoration of the building completed in 2010 at 12,3 millions $, re-open compliance level to the public on weekends from July 10. Furthermore, the 9 September 2003, a permanent memorial honoring those who perished in the attacks of 11 September was opened on the basis of the theme building.

The Encounter Restaurant closed for business on 31 December 2013, without future plans to reopen. previously, the restaurant was closed in March 2007 for repairs after a piece of stucco skin on the upper half ton crushed on the restaurant roof arches and reopened 12 November, 2007. Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services operated restaurant. He was in the airport pre-security area.

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