La Bulle Six Coques Prisunic Jean Benjamin Maneval

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the problem

Create a traveling demonstration store, convenient, aesthetic, and ingenious to educate future clients before the opening of a new store Prisunic.

The shop will be placed in front of or near the site of the future store. It will inform about collections, Price and his organization.

New photo of the Bulle Six Coques Prisunic in situation (05/04/2019) Manosque.


Homelessness implies mobility and by default it is not the main asset of the six shells Bubble. But it was not counting on the wisdom of Jean Benjamin Maneval.

How to move a Bubble 36 m2, length of 9,70m (including stairs), 6,90m wide and 4.20m high with a total weight of about 3500 kg ?

The solution is simple, simply place the Bull six shells on a trailer attached, with wheels, like a caravan. Only shells # 1 and # 4 are fixed on said trailer 4 wheels. Each displacement, it will 2 flatbed, the first with the left side of the bubble, or shells # 2 and # 3, which will also draw the trailer and a second truck that will host the right side of the Bubble, or shells # 5 and # 6.

A special roller carriage will also be created for the occasion, a second fact trailer, it will allow 2 drivers with an additional assistant to ride the bubble to them 3 in very little time.

To install a bubble on said carriage, it is enough to switch over, without lift. The truck has been calculated to match the height of the shell transported with those existing on the trailer.

The installation is so easy. This trailer will be driven by the second truck.

All trucks / trailers can move on roads with a speed of 60 km/h maximum.
When the Bubble six shells is dismantled, 6 bars stand between the shells 1 and # 4 are set, 2 up, 2 middle and 2 below.


Given the commercial function of the Bubble six shells, it was necessary to offer him a large door. On this Bubble six shells Prisunic access will be through one of the windows opens. And particularly that of the hull # 1, located at the rear of the trailer, on which will set off the staircase with 1.80m 7 marches.
A second opening window will be present, it will serve as an emergency exit if the need arose. But without staircase ...

The openings

We talked about the open windows, but in fact 5 of the 6 shells are fitted with berries, Hull No. 4 is, she, equipped with 2 windows.

the Beacon

To advertise for shops it is, but be seen from afar is better !
a beacon (ou Flashing light) will be mounted on a pole 13,00m tall order to see the demo store !

The bubble plastic

Researched and designed by city architect Jean Benjamin Maneval (1923-1986).

For those who do not yet know, it is star-shaped 6 cells and perfectly symmetrical built in sandwich fiberglass and introduced into molds, a polyurethane foam is the center of the sandwich.
Each cell forms the floor or hull, the wall and ceiling and has a vertical junction around. This junction allows to assemble sets shells by means of bolts (vis + nut).
A plastic sealing ring is inserted between each shell. A hexagonal dome will be screwed on top, outside the dome is circular.

On this model Bubble six shells, the base is fixed on a trailer 4 wheels, but the assembly may also be secured to a metal structure. Originally, the bubble is designed to be fixed to a hexagonal concrete foundation.

A Bubble six shell window !

Circular racks are arranged in the bubble and render the goods presented visible both from the inside and outside.

New photo of a shop window (05/04/2019)

A kitchen is present in the hull n ° 4, that windows, however small, it includes all the equipment of a modern kitchen, is :

  • Hob with a cooker hood
  • A sink with garbage disposal and water heater
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • A hot plate and electric can opener
  • Drawers and space for storage
  • A phone for orders

Two new photos of the kitchen, the big egg on the counter is the slide projector that was turned on at night to project advertisements in the Bulle Six Coques. (05/04/2019)

Video Projection for Prisunic Printemps ©BC at the MAD (Paris)

The beauty area is equipped to present the perfumery and beauty care demonstration, He understands :

  • A chair and a swivel chair
  • A display-cabinet with washbasin and adjustable mirror
  • An air conditioner

The unusual shape of the shop arouses interest and attracts passers. The bright colors on the outside and inside give a cheerful appearance.

After closing, the shop is still run by slide projections and moving texts seen from outside through the windows.

On these plans, we can see the different pieces of furniture inside the Bulle Six Coques.

Concept and furniture

Gérard Ifert and Rudi Meyer (or Rudolf), both Swiss, are the designers of the general idea and also designed the furniture for Prisunic.

A new photo (05/04/2019)

In conclusion

This model Bubble six shells is a happy combination of creative idea, pioneering spirit, technical refinement, adaptation to the requirements of practical life, harmonious and elegant artistic execution. He deserves to be appreciated as a positive contribution to the development of avant-garde architecture.

2 New photos discovered in a Swiss newspaper (06/12/2018)


  • International Design Exhibition – Hans Neuburg (1969)
  • Gérard Ifert – Rudi Meyer ENSAD 2010
  • the work : Architecture and Art 55 (1968)
  • The Development of Novel Construction Methods Utilizing Bio‐based Polymer Composite Materials – Robert Pavlik (2011)
  • Map Jean Benjamin Maneval
  • Domus n ° 457 of December 1967
  • Le Figaro du 23/11/1967

It is probably following this article that Gérard Ifert chose to use a six-shell bubble in the Prisunic operation…

Do not hesitate to click on the image to read the article of the time !

And tell me if we can find more of this copy (below) thank you



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One thought on “La Bulle Six Coques Prisunic Jean Benjamin Maneval

  1. I can confirm that the Bulle has served as an external information medium for the opening of Prisunic Stores in:
    and this with the greatest success of curiosity with customers. The operation was led by Claude Carpentier ( POS Manager In the team of Yves Branda)

    Jean Chardron Prisunic Chain Director 1966-1968 then 1981 à1987


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