Lars-Erik Fisk – VW Ball New-York

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Lars-Erik Fisk

M. Fisk works in his studio. Matthew Johnson credit for The New York Times

Lars Fisk has already survived two hurricanes in the four freight containers he considers his home. The structure, which was in the corner of the Costco parking lot next to the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens, was moved last year to narrow, overgrown land in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

In a down workroom, Rigging and “Steamtrunkball”, a room made from an old steam chest. Matthew Johnson credit for The New York Times.

A container of M. Fisk in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Matthew Johnson credit for The New York Times.

Located on the second floor, the chamber comprises a crane to transport the first floor of the artist's house wares. A crane still stands out through the double doors of the upstairs steel, to hoist furniture and art objects.

VW Bus Basketball is part of the series of strange sculpture Lars-Erik Fisk.

Ball Trolley 2012 couple Lars-Erik Fisk


Lars Fisk is working on his big balloon "a lot" 15 feet, inspired by the Costco parking lot he lived near, in his studio in New York, August 17, 2016 Fisk whose work is most often found not billboards, exposes inside to a change, with a solo show titled "Mr.. Softee, "September opening 8 at Marlborough Chelsea gallery. The artist Lars Fisk works in Lot Ball, Inspired by a car, he lived by. Most of the sculptor's work is found outside. (Matthew Johnson / The New York Times)

For seven years, it was the studio manager and Socrates Sculpture Park facilities, a former landfill turned into space, museum and public park, living in specific containers that use the park for storage and workspace.

Lars-Erik Fisk“Dodge Ball”

The ” Metal Train Ball ”  the Lars-Erik Fisk

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The Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor used a VW Beetle 1953 as a basis for his sculpture "Sphere Beetle". The idea of ​​sculpture appeared in the personal perception of the artist vis-à-vis the objects that are the products of a "transport culture" that induces clues / signs of spiritual emotion.

Ichwan Noor


drawings  sketches, d'Ichwan Noor

“Beetle Sphere”, 2013 par Ichwan Noor

Yellow Beetle 1953 Volkswagen, made of polyester, aluminum and real parts of automobiles, was sculpted by the artist to form a perfect sphere.


Hong Kong hosted, of 23 the 26 May, the great contemporary art fair Art Basel.
L’oeuvre Beetle Sphere

This comprehensive work which also includes a series of cubic cars.


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