Burj Al Arab Dubai Hotel, United Arab Emirates

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The inauguration of Burj Al Arab Terrace took place 25 May 2016 Mammoet Jumeirah Group welcomes this beautiful addition to its unique Burj Al Arab.

Hôtel Burj Al Arab (1993-1999) United Arab Emirates

7 Etoiles * * * * * * * L’Hotel Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is widely regarded as having seven stars Service, despite its official five-star rating. This is partly due to the fact that the hotel pushes the boundaries of what comparable five-star establishments offer, including suites on two levels, exquisite interior gold leaf, a heliport and butlers assigned to each floor.

Helicopter landing at Helisurface Burj al Arab, Dubai

Le Burj al-Arab (برج العرب, "Tower of the Arabs" in Arabic) is a luxury hotel 5 stars, proclaimed “sept stars” located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. measuring 321 meters, it was, up 2007, the tallest building used exclusively as a hotel (Now the higher the JW Marriott Marquis also located in Dubai).

This is one of the most recognizable hotels in the world. It was designed in 1993 by architect Tom Wright. Located in the Persian Gulf, on an artificial island, it has the shape of a giant sail. The atrium volume can hold the Dubai World Trade Center (in), which, at 38 floors, was the tallest building in Dubai from the late 1970 in the late 1990. It was constructed such that its shadow does not cover the range. a heliport (sometimes also used as tennis court), and a panoramic restaurant are both at the top, above the ocean, in cantilever on opposite sides of the hotel.

Le Burj al-Arab is considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world

Etoiles 18 which lifts 2 direct panoramas from 1st to 27 high speed; two batteries 6 lifts serving the whole building more underground parking; 2 for the service; 1 monte-charge; and connecting the RC 1st. The hotel was built by South African construction company Murray & Roberts. The outer wall of the atrium facing the beach is made of insulating fabrics fiberglass covered with a Teflon coating to protect them from wear due to winds from the desert sands.

It was built to resemble the sail of a dhow, a type of Arab ship.

Construction of the restaurant The Hotel Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab, Etoiles, Etoiles, Etoiles, 09/12/2008

Several events took place on the heliport of 210 meters above the ground to attract media attention. These include: Tiger Woods tee shot, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer play tennis, Rory McIlroy perform a bunker shot, the hel-lift of an Austin Martin Vanquish, and David Coulthard performing donuts in a Formula One car.

9:47 Documentary: Project Burj Al Arab architecture, by Architect Tom Wright2 (1993)

Of Etoiles. Etoiles, Jumeirah.

If you want your marriage, to be very unique and let your guests in awe, then look no further than the stunning Burj Al Arab. Iconic shaped Dubai sailing hotel offers a variety of beautiful places and services, a team of experts to help plan and cover all the details to make your event a memory. From the flowers to the wedding cake arrangements, everything will be taken care of by a dedicated wedding consultant. To make things even more spectacular, you can opt for the program "Wedding in the Skies" of the Burj Al Arab, offering couples the opportunity to marry 212 meters above the Arabian Gulf, Hotel celebrated helipad. The ceremony was designed by an architect and wedding experience includes deluxe accommodation in a sumptuous suite, beauty care, tasting sessions and stylistic, private dance lessons and much more. Not to mention the arrival of guests is provided by helicopter or Rolls Royce Phantom with chauffeur.

A New Extension of a Landmark in DUBAI


Mammoet has successfully installed a new 10.000 square meters of luxury private bridge to the world famous hotel 7 star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Etoiles 100 meters in the Persian Gulf and hosts a swimming pool measuring 612 square meters,, a pool of salt water measuring 828 square meters,, a restaurant and a bar. Facing a tight timescale planned Mammoet and executed the project safely and ahead of schedule.

The Burj Al Arab Terrace has been developed into six sections with two sections of additional bridge. The entire complex was built in Rauma, Finland by specialized marine construction Admares. They needed a partner for the eight sections installed on site within a tight deadline 21 days. Mammoet quickly assembled a team with the necessary engineering expertise and proposed a project plan that included the location of an appropriate port, the mobilization of all water facilities and loading and installation detail drawings. Admares Mammoet loaded the complete project management for the installation of the platform of the swimming pool and offering a naval expertise to this unique sea operation. Once the bridge eight sections had arrived at Port Rashid in Dubai, Mammoet discharged their heavy transport ship three barges in eight days.

The size of the sections platform pool, which was measured to 79 by 35 meters, resulted in an overhang on barges up 25 meters. Careful and precise handling tug was needed between Port Rashid and the Burj Al Arab, to ensure the overhanging sections would not be damaged when the nearby navigation of other vessels. Offshore installation of the six major sections, weighing 400 and 750 tonnes, was done by carefully and precisely placing them above eighty foundation piles prepared by the hotel owner, Jumeirah Group. The battery installation process and are designed to minimize disruption to the ocean environment. The platform will provide an artificial reef and shade for marine life.

The pool sections were lifted using a sheerleg 2.000 tons connected to a large crane barge. The barge was controlled by means of a dynamic positioning system using a maximum of eight nozzles to ensure precise installation operation. This was necessary to carefully define the pool fully equipped sections safely and securely on batteries. All cargo was installed on the stacking base three days in advance.

The artificial island The architect wanted the building to have the air emerging from the water. It was therefore necessary to build an artificial island 270 m off Jumeirah Beach. This island was initially consist of rocks, well controlled method. The architect refused this solution, partly because he considered unsightly, secondly because he wanted the island to be as low as possible. The engineers had to find a solution to the island is low enough, but also resistant to sea assaults. It is finally achieved stone surrounded by anti-waves concrete elements and amounts to 7,5 m above the water. The sand located in the basement is also a problem for foundations, engineers dreading the effect of water. To avoid catastrophe, they decided to build a "bulwark" steel that goes down 20 m depth and a layer of insulation concrete. In the end, 250 concrete piers of 40 m long which serve as foundations. Building, that cost 650 million $ and is the third largest hotel in the world at 1,056ft, Open in December 1999.

3Etoiles / Finland
Visitors to the new area, the opening in the second quarter 2016, will be able to relax in one of the hotel's new swimming areas, which include a freshwater swimming pool 6587 square-feet and a saltwater pool 8912 square feet; while enjoying the restaurant and bar of the platform.

Etoiles 8000 nautical miles to Dubai, while the bridge left Finland on 9 January 2016 and is currently transported by sea to Dubai.

The self-proclaimed hotel the most luxurious in the world is about to offer its customers even more lavish amenities during their stay. -Following Dubai Burj Al Arab, which is built on an artificial island, extends further into the sea, with outside space luxury leisure. Visitors to the new area, the opening in the second quarter 2016, will be able to relax in one of the hotel's new swimming areas, which include a freshwater swimming pool 6587 square-feet and a saltwater pool 8912 square feet; while enjoying the restaurant and terrace bar. On arrival at the hotel in mid-February, les six sections will be lifted by a crane and lowered onto a grid 90 steel piles, from the hotel in the Persian Gulf. All elements of construction and steel piling process were discussed with the marine environment in mind; specially designed to provide shade for local fish and attract underwater ecosystems that are known to cluster around steel piles. Sneak Peek new North Bridge Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

From Etoiles 7 Etoiles, chauffeured Rolls Royce can take you from the airport to the hotel.

The palace 8,395 square-foot Royal Suite is worthy of a Maharaja, Etoiles, a library and an exquisite theater, and two master bathrooms, each with full-size tubs and showers five separate heads.

Etoiles 202 suites,
each covering two floors and filled with soft carpets and immaculate furnishings.

The Sky View bar colored in the Al Muntaha boasting incredible views of the Dubai skyline,
particularly impressive at night.


Burj Al Arab – Hotel 7 star Dubai – the most luxurious Hotel World.

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