Iron Man (FILM) Villa Tony Stark Malibu, California

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Tony Stark's Villa, Alias Iron Man

Beyond the effects and other things that characterized the movie Iron Man, one of the most striking is the home of Tony Stark, in some scenes may be considered worthy of particular house an eccentric genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. Production in trying to locate a house that meets the characteristics of a particular character Tony Stark found no corresponding to the profile, so he had to resort to 3D artist Phil Saunders, who participated in drawings for films like Tron, Spider-Man ou Avengers.
Saunders designed and modeled 3D home Iron Man, based on recognized houses and Hollywood favorite architect John Lautner, as their designs houses are so well known that they even belong to other sets of films like “maison Elrod “(007 Diamonds are forever), the "house Chemosphere"(chapter of the simpsons), Garcia home (lethal weapon), the nightclub, he designed called” de Jack Rabbit Slim “which was the dance scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, “Goldstein residence” (Angels) and others. John Lautner in turn, is known to be a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin for 6 years.

In 1972 Lautner design a house in Acapulco called ” home Arango “, that takes full advantage of the views of Acapulco Bay, this house of organic forms and exposed concrete is the analog model taken as a designer Phil Saunders concept, to design the Stark residence.

Large windows, organic forms, mixing between the natural topography, exposed concrete and an overhang on a cliff in Malibu that takes advantage of views towards the sea, are the elements that characterize Iron Man of the house; the interior of the house we automatically leads to designs of John Lautner, as introduced in a manner topography within homes, made of large stones were part of the house furnished, he was one of Saunders principles that I use for the house of Tony Stark.

Unfortunately for movie lovers and especially architecture, Iron Man's house was built and destroyed digitally in the third edition of Iron Man, as we know the cinema is known for bringing together all the arts in one, in this case check and reinforce the idea of ​​close collaboration between architecture and cinema.

The famous house used for the movie Iron Man in which Tony Stark invented his first armor is for sale recently. For the occasion pictures of this small jewel of architecture has published summers ... Called "The Razor Residence", the sumptuous residence of our superhero has been on sale for a cool $ 14 millions of dollars. Located in San Diego, in Southern California, it was conceived and designed by the best architects in the world Wallace Cunningham. With a surface 1022 m², you will find four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two fireplaces, swimming pool, a garage for several big guns, and icing on the cake, it has stunning ocean views.

La maison de Tony Stark alias Iron Man - photo 04

This very posh and very virtual design villa appears in the films Iron Man.
It was completely destroyed in the Opus III, but I do not doubt it reappears in the next films in the franchise ...


La maison de Tony Stark alias Iron Man - photo 07

BD  that's not too similar but nonetheless Round !

Drive along the California coast, you can not miss the bright beacon of modern architecture that projects the Pacific Palisades, unique west coast digs the rich jet-setter Anthony Stark. Sea and sun, it is not surprising that Stark chose this place to build a house, a place to retreat from the hectic life he leads and often fatal. Modern cliffside house on the Pacific coast was so peaceful, such an escape from his busy life, he decided to call: Retirement.

Nestling in several acres of otherwise undeveloped property, Retirement projection of the cliff on a spectacular part of the coast of California. But the house is more than just a place to live. Before broke ground, Stark has created a place that redefines what a house is or may be. While it is luxurious and well stocked for socializing, Stark built the house more for its day-to-day to party.

Retreat was his first stab at a "smart home". Automated with a fully integrated computer system that regulates and maintains all aspects of home, including its energy in / out. By adopting the same kind of solar inverters that fueled his armor for years, except on a much larger scale, Stark house to operate completely off-grid (independent of local power companies). Sunlight is used to illuminate every inch of the house. patented fiber optic tubes act as dimmers keep the rooms from becoming too bright. The night, a single light source is radiated throughout the house via the same tubes.

The friendly design environment continues in the water system. Water is collected from the atmosphere and stored within a closed system – purified and recirculated (Stark starts with an excess amount of water, but now recycles). Although the outdoor pool presents challenges, atmospheric humidity manifolds ensure that Retreat does not need a source of water outside.

The rest of the house is relatively conventional – good, classic for an engineering genius billionaire playboy. As mentioned solar house has lots of glass. And with an atrium in the heart of the house, a large dining room opens on an impressive balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean, there are plenty of great views. solarium / bedroom Tony on its top floor also allows him to enjoy the spectacular sunrises / ensembles. (His room has a computer closet, able to lay her clothes.)

The large gourmet kitchen is fully automated. And although Stark employs a part-time maid, kitchen systems can prepare food according to the needs. Staying eco-conscious design, Stark uses propane for some cooking applications rather than conventional gas. Other key pieces include a large lounge which opens the way to a spa / gymnasium. There is also a large electronic library / study which houses a vast collection of Stark books and other media. And what is a bachelor without elegant circular staircase? Retreat has a circular staircase that extends to all main floors of the house.

The house also has a passenger lift system (and a second supply jumbo elevator shaft at lower levels lab).
Suspended suites enjoy the same splendid view as the master bedroom main house or for that matter. Located near the bottom of the cliff “cone” of the House. the fabulous suites are on par with the swankiest hotels on the coast.
Retreat has several meeting rooms for business as well as several levels that are devoted to entertainment. In Tony recroom Its early holographic television system in the open.

A high-speed computer interpolates what is missing from a traditional broadcast signal and generates a high resolution of 3D smoothed image Although not yet the size of life, its impressive all the same.

The sound system is of similar quality: Special computer software recreates “sound field” original music, creating the crispest sound, the densest available.

Sure Retreat was built with the work of Tony in mind too. Besides having a desktop level that allows him full access to his company's databases and computer systems, sublevels contain full functionality of Tony's labs. With the help of a local extension HOMER (his sensitive AI hologram), Stark does not need assembly workers or engineers, here everything is automated. It can design and make almost everything he could want in this high-tech facility – including its armor.

original drawings Saunders production for the Stark Residence.

Saunders was also responsible for the interior design of the building. Right here, the references are very apparent Lautner. The fireplace and sweeping floor to ceiling windows are straight from the House Beyer, although it never feels like as other than reverent homage anything. Right here, inspired styling cues Lautner are beautifully integrated into the design of the Stark Residence.

La maison de Tony Stark alias Iron Man - photo 09

The Beyer Residence and work of production for the house of Tony Stark.

Dream house – The artwork of the original production and the final set.

One of the great strengths of the Stark Residence is that it has to be a very modern, actually futuristic, House. The computer, Jarvis, is integrated into all home systems. climate control and we imagine that the energy efficiency of the building are carefully balanced and controlled by computer. Indeed, in a deleted scene from the movie, the living room of glass overlooking the ocean becomes a transparent and interactive computer interface, allowing Tony Stark, inter alia, check its "phone messages.

La maison de Tony Stark alias Iron Man - photo 03

modelization 3D

La maison de Tony Stark alias Iron Man - photo 01

3D modeling


foam chair: Tallon (to the right)

The decoration in the Iron Man Movie is on your left, you will obviously have recognized the attractive and timeless Arco Lamp, fusion of classical marble and freshness of stainless steel, representing modernity and sensitivity. Designed and manufactured by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, not only is it a style icon more, it also plays a leading role in many TV series and films.

Lounge Chair & Ottoman
Charles & Ray Eames, 1956.

However, with its crazy design and incredible mountainside location, it would certainly appeal to a billionaire playboy Stark as if there was of course. In fact, nicknamed The Razor Residence, this truly amazing house is located in San Diego, in California. The massive house is particularly eye-catching , because it has 11.000 square feet of glass.

Iron man

Iron Man is a film directed by Jon Favreau, released in 2008. It comes from the namesake comic books published by Marvel. This is the first step of the Marvel film universe, the first phase was completed in 2012 with Avengers of Joss Whedon. This film also marks the cinematic resurrection of Robert Downey Jr., who knows with this role a renewed popularity.

Tony Stark, playboy, billionaire, is not only the heir of his father's arms factories (la Stark Industries), it is also a genius inventor. While he is traveling to Afghanistan to present its latest creation, the Jericho missile, he is kidnapped by terrorists. Seriously injured in the attack, it survives only with the help of a scientist, Professor Yinsen, who heals by grafting to the breast an electromagnet placed near his heart and powered by a car battery.

Not yielding to the threats of terrorists who want him to reproduce his missile, he produces, instead and in the greatest secrecy, a miniaturized reactor called "ARK reactor" to replace the car battery, and a primary steel armor full of gadgets, through which he managed to escape, by abandoning. Deeply affected by this kidnapping, and noting that terrorists have recovered the armor and other weapons he himself designed, he decides to give a new direction to his life by building a new armor, high-tech, and by its potential to serve the protection of the innocent and justice. Therefore he will fight various enemies.

Atelier / garage de Tony Stark (Prologue Films VFX for Marvel Studios)
Atelier / garage de Tony Stark.


The official synopsis of the film : Tony Stark, flamboyant industrialist who is also Iron Man, this time faces an enemy that will attack on all fronts. When his personal universe is destroyed, Stark began a relentless quest to find those responsible. More than ever, his courage will be tested, at every moment. Back against the wall, he can no longer rely on his inventions, ingenuity, and his instinct to protect his family. As he throws himself into battle, Stark will finally discover the answer to the question that haunts him secretly for so long : Is this the man who made the suit or the suit makes the man ?


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