Gee Bee R1 R2 modèle Z (1930) US

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Gee Bee – Granville Brothers Gee Bee means.


Le Gee Bee Racer-1

Is a small plane appeared in the years 1930, it is used exclusively for aerobatics and in races. It consists of a very powerful engine (winning up 470 km / h) and of 2 Tiny wings. It is very difficult to drive and many drivers have lost their lives, which explains its nickname: "Deathtrap". The first Gee Bee – R1 – was built in 1932 by Granville in Springfield brothers in Massachusetts.

He succeeded in GeeBee Model Z, and was followed by the R2 model. The GeeBee name is short for "Granville Brothers". The first race won on a Gee Bee Racer-1 was in the 1932 Jimmy Doolittle, but he was forced to an emergency landing and abandoned in his second race.

Till today 1 802 races were won on a Gee Bee Racer 1-on participation 2 400 courses.

This aircraft is made of a big engine and two small wings. Its engine is a Pratt & Whitney Wasp R1340 a power of about 800 hp allowing the Gee Bee Racer-1 to reach 470 km / h for 3 at 5 hours. Its construction is very compact. Between the cockpit and the engine, there is only one plate 5 mm which transmits intense heat in the cockpit.Les manufacturers have added the stays (as in boats to take the mat) to better reflect the right wings.

Granville Gee Bee Model Z was an American race had years 1930, the first super Sportster aircraft built by Granville Brothers Aircraft Springfield, Massachusetts , the sole purpose of winning the Trophy Thompson , what she did in 1931. However, soon victim’ a fatal accident during’ an attempt world speed record, from the reputation of the airplane Gee Bee as killers.

Conception and development Suffering the effects of the Great Depression , Granville Brothers decided in July 1931 build a plane to attend this fall Thompson Trophy competition at the National Air Races in Cleveland , Ohio . They hoped that the victory in the prestigious race lead to additional orders for their sport aircraft line.

Built in less than five weeks at a cost of less than 5000 $ USD , Gee Bee (for "Granville Brothers") Z model, the name of the city of Springfield , was a small, chubby plane. It was essentially the smallest cell built around the largest possible engine, a supercharged Pratt & Whitney R-985 “Wasp Junior” radial engine , producing 535 horses (399 kW).

Heritage Film of the Gee Bee Z accident became part of the most famous sequence from the time of the air race. The accident also helped establish the reputation of the Gee Bee racing aircraft as killers. The design of Super Sportster would be refined in the Gee Bee Model R for season 1932 air race. Two reproductions of the Gee Bee Z were built. A, a faithful reproduction of the original aircraft, was built by Jeff Eicher and Kevin Kimball Mount Dora, Florida, and is housed in the Fantasy of Flight Museum in Lakeland, in Florida. The other, built by Bill Turner 1978, has’ extended wings and fuselage for better flight characteristics. He appeared in 1991 , as both static and prop in the Walt Disney film The Rocketeer fly, it is now on display at the Museum of Flight in Tukwila, Washington.

Popular culture
Kermit Weeks , founder of Fantasy of Flight , used a Gee Bee Z model as its main character "Zee" in a series of children's books set around the interwar period .

Gee Bee Model Z appears in the Russ Heath -illustrated graphic novel adaptation of the Walt Disney movie 1991, The Rocketeer, The Movie Official adaptation based on Dave Stevens character long and cartoon series of the same name.

Granville Brothers Aircraft was operating aircraft manufacturer from 1929 until its bankruptcy 1934. The company was located in Springfield Airport in Springfield, Massachusetts . Les Granville Brothers, Zantford, Thomas, Robert, Mark and Edward are best known for producing the three Gee Bee Super Sportster riders of’ air, Z models, R1 and R2, which are synonymous with the golden age of air races .

Aircraft – planes – Data Profiles :

The Granville Brothers built only 24 had. Only two original planes are known to exist. Granville Brothers Model A :
Model A biplane (1929) –
used the Kinner K5 radial engine (new built, 2 survive, one at the New England Air Museum ).

Model X Sportster (1930) flown in the Cirrus Derby
(we built, crushed in September 1931, Roscoe Brinton bailed. )
Model B Sportster (1930) with a radial engine Warner (one built, rumored to have been used in the Spanish Civil War , always fly in late 1940 in Spain)
Model C Sportster (1930), Online motor Menasco (a built, destroyed in an air show crash in Jersey City, New Jersey 25 October, 1931, ER killing Harry Hall) [5] [6]
Model D Sportster (1931) with online Menasco Engine (a built, crashed in July 1936, pilot killed Channing Seabury bail)
E Sportster model (1931) with the radial motor Warner (four built, all destroyed)
Crashed February 1934, ZD killed Granville, Spartanburg, Caroline from the south .
Crashed August 1932, Russell Boardman suffered a severe concussion
Crashed 14 February, 1931 airshow Candler Field Atlanta. Johnny Kytle killed
Destroyed in a crash. The wing is the EAA AirVenture Museum
Y main model Sportster , (1931) (both built, both destroyed)
radial Warner, the propeller came off and the plane spun.
Lycoming testbed, later , equipped with a Wright Whirlwind engine. Florence Klingensmith killed 1933 National Air Races crash.
Z Super Sportster model – Pratt & Whitney 1931 winner of the Thompson Trophy “Wasp” powered (a built, destroy 5 December 1931, Lowell Bayles killed)
R-1 Super Sportster model (1931) – Pratt & Whitney “Wasp” powered 1932 Thompson Trophy winner and Shell Speed ​​Dash, Pilot Jimmy Doolittle. (a built, destroy 1 July 1933, killed Russell Boardman)
R-2 Super Sportster model (1931) – Pratt & Whitney “Wasp” powered, (a built, destroys end 1933, Jimmy Haizlip injured)
Model R-1/2 Super Sportster – Pratt & Whitney “Wasp” powered, constructed from radicals R1 and R2 (a built, destroy 1935, Cecil Allen killed)
Gee Bee Model Q – Aeronca tractor fed duck built for the test configuration (a built, crushed 24 December 1931, Mark Granville injured)
Gee Bee QED – Pratt & Whitney “Wasp” powered (we built, crushed 7 June 1939, Francisco Sarabia killed, had rebuilt and retired to a museum in Ciudad Lerdo , Durango , Mexico )
Unfinished // unfinished // GeeBee C-8 Eightster – years 1930 and 1940 Rare aircraft.


Long tail Racer. It is clear that the long tail visible and a new, more compressed relative to the previous version of the hood, who had to make the knockout.

PLANE CRASH DU GEE BEE RACER (1931) – (Long version)

Gee Bee Racer crash 1931 –
Fatal accident in the race Thompson Trophy air speed record 1931 led by Lowell Bayles.

GeeBee R1 / R2 / FROM – 1931/1932

Another tribute to the designers, builders and intrepid pilots of the most amazing aircraft ever burn the sky.

Replica of R-1 at the New England Air Museum

This device, came from the United States for a unique presentation in France, is a replica of a racing plane early 30. Because of the power of its engine and its instability in flight, he was nicknamed “deathtrap” or “maker of widows”.


GeeBee models Cleveland Z (1931)

Here is a great one from the archives for the Gee Bee Zee fans This was my first of two flights in the Gee Bee Model Z, before a series of flutter tests done. I originally acquired the plan 1998, and I'm hoping to recover in the air at one time.

Kermit Weeks hops in his Gee Bee Z for a taxi ride, moving a step closer to a future flight can. You can feel the engine power through your high – speakers, as she choked up … that the rear wheel, and flattening the grass runway.

Z were built. A faithful reproduction of the original aircraft, was built by Jeff Eicher and Kevin Kimball of Mount Dora, in Florida, and is housed in the Fantasy of Flightmuseum.

GeeBee models Cleveland Z (1931)

Gee Bee – Rocketeer

GeeBee Model Z

Model Airplane 3D GeeBee R // Gee Bee Model R

Gee Bee Model R Super Sportster was a special plane late run made by Granville Brothers Aircraft Springfield, Massachusetts at the airport now abandoned Springfield.

Marc Simonnet // Flight GeeBee Model Z FSX (Flight Simulator) Bilbao, Spain






Pilot : by Marc Simonnet with his Flight Simulator X Game

ModelGee Bee

Lego ►Gee Bee


The Stipa-Caproni a barrel jet engine precursor
The Stipa-Caproni was an Italian experimental aircraft designed by Luigi Stipa and built by Caproni in 1932. the "wheel barrel" Caproni, built in 1932 in collaboration with the engineer Stipa, receiving an engine de Havilland Gipsy III, completely embedded in the fuselage. The plane materialized research of Stipa in the field of propulsion Venturi effect. The results were mediocre and the device was quickly abandoned.
The whole body was a single ducted fan. Bien que la Regia Aeronautica (Royal Air Force Italian) was not interested in continuing the development of the Stipa-Caproni, its design is a significant step in the development of jet propulsion.



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