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Randy Grubbs

Randy Grubbs

The undisputed king is Randy Grubbs. He is the man who built Jay Leno's tank car, the Decoliner and the Decoson, which are wonderfully bright testaments to what can be achieved with a little metal and a big hammer.

Piaggio Fly 150 (Bi-Pod) MP3 (Tri-Pod)

Auctions to present a prototype Decopod

Par Andrea McCann Times Sentinel Managing Editor 28 January 2015

Like an airplane without wings, this body scooter unique aluminum. A prototype, it is the first of only four decopodes created. A scooter original Art Deco aluminum, called Decopod, to their collection at an auction 8 mars au Boone County Fairgrounds.

The purchase of the prototype would be the best motorcycle avid collector Jay Leno, which has the second and third Decopods among dozens of motorcycles ranging from old machines to the most modern machines. “There were only four made”, said Rik Smits, Resident Zionsville, who organized the auction. “Jay Leno has two and three, and the fourth auctioned recently. “It was on” Storage Wars “. In season three, episode 18, Barry Weiss has mounted. “

The Decopod is built on a scooter frame. It has a brushed aluminum – the other three were brilliant Decopods, according Smits – teardrop-shaped body which is rounded at the front and rear tapers. It has an Art Deco grid, a small windshield, a flashing and an electric start.

The Piaggio DecoPod 3 wheels



Randy Grubb transforms its incredible fantasies in the harsh reality, warped metal in his garage south Oregon.

This first episode of Garage Randy Grubb shows the construction of Randy new leaders – d’oeuvre et sale. Learn more about how art deco Decoliner gave birth to the evolution of scooters Decopod. See full Randy and go is the first round in the Deco-Tripod (built on a chassis Piaggio MP3), and the birth of the new beautifully elegant Decoson, built on a Harley-Davidson Sportster chassis 1984 and controlled by Steve Boone, Northwest Harley-Davidson, Olympia, Washington.

The evolution of Decopod :

The first Decopod, Model A, was smooth, with rivets used around doors and cockpit. The panels were welded and deposited smooth. He presented a single light 1937 Ford and had two doors.

Model B has a rear panel tower construction, double headlights and two doors. It is built on a chassis Piaggio Fly 150 (Piaggio Vespa scooters made.) It is fully polished.
model C, final under construction at the time of the press, is a spectacular vehicle that will be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, the 12-20 January 2013. It is built on a new chassis and Piaggio has fluids tower panels front to back and has a single door, a lighthouse, a polished stop rail, and hundreds of rivets. It is fully polished.

The concept was born when Décopod Randy Grubb and Don Tippit spoke what their next creation would. Which started talking fondly of his memories of old scooters, Randy and imagination was triggered by the motorcycle Art Deco 1930 Henderson Streamliner. From this brainstorming, the Décopod was born: a fun and fully functional game – cruise path on the highway and a great accessory matching the Decoliner for Randy to get around car shows.

Illustrations of the Decoliner and Decopods Don Tippit
Design by Randy Grubb et Don Tippit


Le Blastolene Decoliner, wonder of retro-futuristic motorhome..

The Decoson is based on a 1984 Harley-Davidson Sportster if most had to be either modified or removed original bike to allow the New and remarkably beautiful body of the Decoson to take shape.

Randy Grubb is definitely the best manufacturer of aluminum as you will find anywhere in the Western Hemisphere, his work with wheeled vehicles 4, 3 and 2 using the bauxite-based metal is legendary and after taking a look at his latest creation, But I can not think of it as just an artist.
The rear suspension had to go for a stiff tail, the handle bars were removed and new heavier drag bars have been added. All gauges, switches and electronics were lowered, the original seat was discarded and the gas tank cut his upper half to make way for the new shell. Interesting fact, handlebars are mounted inside the new body, so you reach the bike to direct.

The opening of the front wheel is also designed to allow the flow of air on the Harley v-twin air cooled, Randy added a series of lobes on both sides to allow hot air to escape and a small windscreen to push a curtain of air on the rider's head at higher speed.

BUS Blastolene Decoliner BY RANDY GRUBB

Dare we say, Decoliner this is a masterpiece:
A great achievement, the style and the inimitable magic.
This "almost" camper, is the work of an artist of development, American Randy Grubb, and the delight of onlookers who are lucky enough to cross their path.

Feature of this vehicle: it has two operating stations, including one on the roof.

the Decoliner, one piece by an American craftsman-artist, Randy Grubb, under the brand Blastolene. "Blastolene is a collective of independent artists who help each other in their creative process, by sharing their expertise ", the designer explains in a video where we see him home, surrounded by his achievements, including a motorcycle and a curious kart.

A wheel on the Roof !

There is little doubt that the homologation rules are different in the US. In Europe, it would be unthinkable to ride on the road with a vehicle of this type. But Randy Grubb has not so far failed to technical constraints. It thus indicates having worked from a GMC motorhome chassis 1973, the only one to be low enough to allow him to design a cockpit not exceeding 13 feet (nearly 4m high). One imagines that the vehicle height is not the only constraint he met.

The Decoliner is not quite a motorhome. There is good inside seating, kitchenette, but no sleeping or bathroom. But there is not so much the question. The first characteristic of Decoliner, is all about style. Outside, recalls its metal shell aluminum Airstream caravans, in a shiny chrome finish that evokes more generally futuristic years 1940 and 1950. With curious portholes knobbed aligned on its side, Nautilus holds the Decoliner, while inside, the particularly successful design combines wood and metal in soft and bright colors.

The Decoliner a street in Portland, USA 2011.


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Randy Grubb invents a magic double-decker bus..

This magic bus, as well as other original inventions, were exhibited at the big national roadster show in Pomona, in California, at the end of january 2019.
The magic bus plans to travel the private members of a local club, back and forth through the city and the countryside of San Francisco.


Randy Grubbs – Frogman’s Rocket 3

Randy Grubb & Frogman associate to a Quad V8


The filmmaker Ray Ratrod fate of dry lakes in California with the builder Bob Maddox rocket car jet pulse with the crew of the West Merlin and did a test with the racing machine " 900 pounds of thrust ". This machine is out of this world !

Le Pulse Jet Lakester, built by Randy Grubb and “Rocketman” Bob Maddox, is a drop-lakester tank with a super twist: it has the equivalent of a V-1 jet engine attached to what looks like-and is the largest Exhaust pipe you've seen. The “buzz bomb” V-1 was developed by the Germans in World War II and used bomb attacks on England.

Bob Maddox first had the idea to attach a rocket when he tried to overtake another skydiving while they rushed toward the ground in a group jump. He is now the principal regulator of the nation on the pulse motors and built models to supply bicycles, skateboards, cars, and now, This large-scale engine for lakester race car.


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